Book 'em!

Photography is full of phrases.  I've got some favorites.

"If your pictures aren't good enough, you're not close enough."

"The single most important part of a camera is the twelve inches behind it."

"Better cameras do not take better pictures, better photographers do."

Another great old saying that was especially true in the days of film, "It isn't a photograph until you print it."  Some people will wield that sentence as a way to separate those new fangled digital photographers from what they consider "real" photographers.  I don't feel like participating in the us vs them aspect of this quote but there really is something to be said about a printed picture.

I now show my pictures to clients as prints for the first time.  Actual physical prints from a professional lab.  Seeing someone experience images I've created not just by looking at them, but by holding them, feeling them, examining them, organizing them, stacking their favorites, handing their favorite shot to a friend, I selfishly require my clients to anxiously anticipate the photos until I can be there for this visceral experience.

Also, lets not forget the beauty of a large print hanging on a wall.  Or the joy of looking through an actual photo album, that one historical document of your family that would be worth braving a fire to save.  Plus good luck viewing your iCloud photos after the zombie apocalypse!

So photos, especially when printed, are a great way to save a memory.  And some memories are worth saving.  Some times were just better and bring a pleasant sense of nostalgia when revisited.  For Kelly Sullivan Wells this time will be when her new husband Jason had a beard.  When Jason was off of work for a bit due to recovery from shoulder surgery, he decided to let his grooming get a bit bohemian.  Kelly immediately fell in love with the beard, and sadly Jason looked at it more as a spring fling 

A custom photo book is a great way to save, share, and experience your memories.

Jason and I took the opportunity to capture his soon to be gone beard as a gift to Kelly, and to really save the memories we had some of the photos printed in a beautiful photo book.  This was the first time I'd had a book made, but it definitely will not be the last!  The quality of the materials used in printing and binding this hardcover book are first rate.  And the experience of holding the book, turning the pages, and looking deeply into professional quality prints cannot be beat.

Don't be surprised if you find me asking you if you'd be interested in a photo book.  Once you see and feel it you'll want to experience it with your own photos.   Lets make some images together, then print them into memories worth holding on to.