"What's with the silent treatment?"

Big or small, moms always worry about their little boys!

"Mom, Dad, I love you and everythings fine.  If either one of these things changes you'll be the first to know!"  I had to make this declaration to my parents years ago.  It was in response to my mothers lament of how she never heard from her little boy.  My parents have always wanted to know what was going on with my life, but at the time the sad truth was that there was nothing new happening at all, and it was a downer to realize that every time my parents wanted to know what was new.  Today I've got tons of new stuff since my last blog posting, so why aren't I telling about it?

I remember taking the opportunity to bust the balls of every friend I ever had who kept a blog when they would go a long time without posting.  The fact is I loved reading their blogs, and wanted more every time.  So when I started my own blog I was determined to keep it fresh no matter what.  Oops.

I followed Kelly's blog for quite some time, but I think it's gone away now.  Here she and her fiance pose for some engagement shots along the waterfront in Portland.

Well, here goes.  Since my last blog post Ive...  Met a girl, gotten a day job, chased away said girl, moved into a new place, won my lawsuit, volunteered my skills as a photographer, bought some new equipment, turned 40, done some great work for clients, and many other things that I can't even think of because the list is so long that it's hard to remember everything! 

I think my silence came from a few places.  Maybe it was the winter, and the darkness.  Maybe it was my not wanting to admit to the world that I haven't been able to make a living as a photographer.  Whatever it was, I don't really care at this point.  The more important point is that it's spring now.  The important point is that even if I now have a grown up job to help pay my bills, Nathan Sanborn Photo is still alive and kicking and open for business!

 I bought a new suit since my last blog post!

I bought a new suit since my last blog post!

The most important thing is that I'm still committed to making the best work I ever have in the future to come!  You're all invited along for the ride.

All of the pictures in this post were taken with my new Fuji X100S.