"Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome the class of 2015!"

Morgan poses for her Senior Portraits.  Photography by Nathan Sanborn Photo.  Hair and Makeup by Carrie Strahle.

How did this happen to us?  I swear it was just a minute ago that we were walking across the stage ourselves, shaking hands and grabbing that precious diploma that we had worked so hard for.  So how is it even possible that your tiny little baby has grown up and is on the verge of walking across that stage themselves?  The hours and minutes seem to last forever, but the years just fly by!

But it did happen.  In spite of all our best efforts, our kids grow up.  Now is the part where I start singing "It's the circle of life!" at the top of my lungs.  Well, we can fight it if we want... It's maybe not too late to ground your kid for the unforgivable mistake of growing up, is it?  Or we can celebrate.  Remember, change is like a dragon, we can fight it and probably end up burnt to a crisp, or we can ride it to victory!

Back to school means there is a whole new group of seniors, and this year I'm getting the jump on doing senior portraits for the class of 2015.  Not only that, but I 'm doing them bigger and better than I ever have before!

Portland, Oregon has some amazing choices of locations to shoot at.  This city is filled with everything from beautiful wooded areas and world class rose gardens to urban parks and gritty industrial zones.  And any one of these locations can be used to make beautiful and dynamic senior portraits.

Tiffany and I decided that we would do her daughters senior shoot at the Rhododendron Garden in southeast Portland.  It's a beautiful location adjacent to a golf course with lovely foliage, an interesting bridge, and even a pond where a kid like me can play a real life game of duck duck goose!

With a great location we had all the cards stacked in our favor to win the day!  Our superstar senior, Morgan, arrived with a clean fresh face and we started the session with hair and makeup.  Honestly, Morgan is a lovely girl, and if we would have shot with no makeup whatsoever she still would have looked amazing.  But in spite of her natural beauty having a professional hair and makeup artist pamper her helped not only raise her confidence but it also showed to the world an already beautiful young women  looking better than she ever had before.

Morgan getting pampered with hair and makeup by Carrie Strahe.

Great location?  Check.  Young adult willing to knock life clean out of the park for the win?  Check.  Now all we need to do is have fun and make magic!

It was great to shoot Morgan's senior pictures.  I always like shooting seniors, in fact they are some of my favorite shoots.  Being able to share in such an awesome time in both a child and a parents life, and to have the honour to capture that moment with beautiful images that will be cherished for a lifetime... there may be no better way to earn a living.

If you or someone you know has a proud member of the class of 2015 let's get them booked for senior portraits.  In a moment that will disappear with little warning your senior will soon be walking across the stage to the next amazing chapter of their lives.  We can't stop time, but we can capture this moment with all of its hope and glory and cherish it forever.