Has it already been a year?

Matt Lawrence, one of the owners of Environmental Works, poses for a portrait. 

Andie Stoleka poses for a portrait during ASMP's Portland Squared.

Happy Anniversary!  On August 8th we were able to celebrate the 1st anniversary of Nathan Sanborn Photo.  The first year has been full of challenges and opportunities, setbacks and steps forward.  With one year under my belt I look forward to continue being a professional photographer as my sole employment for a least a little while longer, with hopes of the little while turning into a long while.

A year ago I was reeling from being fired from my lucrative sales job.  It was simply about numbers, my being fired.  I gave them more, they wanted even more, and they decided to part ways with me.  Since that time I have been on the verge of failure, and I'm happier than I ever was when I was on the verge of success as a salesman.  I had begun to feel suffocated by the comfort my job had provided, and I felt like a failure for never having the guts to bet it all on me.  Today I've gone through most of the chips that I've pushed into the center of the table for one big bet on me, but I keep telling the dealer "hit me!"

Ian Karmel poses outside the Hollywood Theater before his farewell show.  Taken for The Superslice.

I felt when I took the leap that I had what it takes skills wise to be a professional.  A year later I feel that this was true, but also thankfully I've been able to improve as a photographer and a storyteller during this time.   Using each job and personal shoot as an opportunity to improve on the last one, I've been able to practice my craft and get even better.  My only hope is that in another year I'll be better still and looking forward to even more improvement.

Veronica Montes poses for a day of the dead themed shoot.

So Nathan Sanborn Photo proudly begins its sophomore year.  As a freshman my business was cluelessly wandering around the hallways of the school, not sure where all of my classes were and worried about being picked on by the cool kids and upperclassmen.  But now we're no longer freshmen!  This year I'm going into school with a whole new attitude.  I've figured out some things.  Sure I've got a lot to learn, but I've learned a little bit already.