Checking in from my new HQ.

Nice to see you guys again.  It's been a while.  When I got back from my adventure traveling through 9 states and over 4,800 miles, I immediately started my next big adventure.  Difference is this adventure sucks.  It's like when Corporal Candi used to come up to us when we were in the Marines and say "I got a mission for you Devil Dog..."  it never meant jumping out of a plane or storming a beach, it meant you were about to take out the garbage or wax a floor.

This adventure, that I'm hopefully nearing the end of, is moving out of my condo.  I was finally able to sell it at a huge loss.  People say that real estate will be your best investment.  I lived in my place for 8 years and lost a pile of money.... sometimes those people are wrong.  But not to dwell on the negative, I'm totally moved and only have to finish unpacking and settling in.  Best of all my new location gets my cost of living down to where I can afford to chase my dreams a little longer.

So now it's time to get back to business as usual.  I am now free to let my mind concentrate on other things than being out of my condo by a given date.  Now I have time to be creative, and time to work on my goal of becoming one of the premier portrait and editorial photographers in Portland, Oregon.

So consider this the first post from the new creative headquarters of Nathan Sanborn Photo in Portland, Oregon.  Enjoy a few photos from the Spring Barrel wine tasting in central Washington. And plan on many more photos and blog posts in the future.