Still on the road, again.

Nothing beats the atmosphere of a casino at 7am on a Monday.  Especially if the casino we're talking about is not in Vegas or Reno, but anywhere else.  In my case I'm sitting here in Pete's Kitchen at the Winners Inn Casino in Winnemucca, Nevada.  It's actually a great atmosphere to be creative in.  I have a smokey voiced angel checking up on me to make sure my coffee stays warm and to be sure that all I really wanted was toast.

We're now on day 5 of our ??? day road trip.  Last Thursday another photographer from Portland, Curt, his lovely wife and our legal counsel, Jessica, and I set out for what should be the greatest road trip of my life.  The goal is to capture amazing landscapes, take beautiful portraits of interesting people, and generally live out a fun adventure in the west.

It's nice to have my coffee kept fresh as I'm waiting on my photos to download into my laptop.  I used to only have a laptop for a computer, but about a year and a half ago I moved all of my photo editing to a new desktop and changed my software to Lightroom.  Well, I can't run Lightroom on the old operating system that runs my laptop, so it's Photoshop Elements 10 while I'm on the road.  Or if the half hour I've spent to get only half way through downloading pictures gets any more bothersome I'll be shopping for a new laptop on the trip.

The trip just now hit its stride for me.  The first few days were nothing short of fun.  Curt, Jessica, and I took a round about way to get to Baker City where we were going to spend the weekend at a historic hotel with other friends from Portland, Jake and Stephanie.  Our two day stay turned into a one day when we were politely offered the opportunity to check out early and GTFO.  I guess we were disturbing every other guest all night long.  First of all, don't ever complain about not getting a good night's sleep when you stay somewhere noted as a "haunted" hotel.  I thought the whole purpose of your visit was to be disturbed by frightening noises in the night... then you complain when you get exactly what you wanted?  So from there we moved on to haunt the Travelodge in La Grande.

I'd love to tell you about all the wacky times at the Travelodge, but I was passed out early after lunch Margaritas and Italian coffees for dinner.

For me it all started yesterday.  After Jake and Stephanie headed back to Portland it was just Curt, Jessica, and me.  None of us has anywhere specific to be.  It was at that moment that our trip transformed from a weekend getaway to a journey into the great unknown.  The fact is I have no definite knowledge of where I will be at the end of the day.  I think Utah, maybe the Bonneville Salt Flats, but I really don't know.  There is something wonderful in that sort of uncertainty.  It's an unwritten future and I'm sitting here with my pen in hand salivating over what story I want to write for myself, and just as anxious to learn what is written for me.