Any camera will do.

Photographer Curtis Perry.  Curtis has the 36 mega pixel Nikon D800E hanging from his neck.  Picture taken with a disposable film camera.

I gotta call bullshit!  Pro photographers are always telling us that it doesn't matter what camera you use.  They'll tell you your $250 point and shoot is more that capable of taking great shots, then turn around and take pictures on a $6,500 Nikon D4S with a $2,500 lens on the front of it!  If better cameras don't take better pictures, then why aren't you shooting with a entry level camera?  They have to be full of it to make those claims, don't they?

Well, they're right.  To test the theory, I wanted to try and prove 2 things, that you can take bad pictures with a good camera, and that you can take good pictures with a bad camera.  I have been continually proving the first point with every camera I've ever used.  I have a really good camera, and I take bad pictures with it all the time!  I'm not going to offer evidence to prove this point, but trust me.  The second point gets supporting evidence in the form of pictures taken with the Polaroid Fun Saver Flash, a disposable 35mm film camera that costs approximately $2,800 less than my normal rig.

Now, I'm not suggesting that working pros switch their kit to a big box of Fun Savers.  But I am saying that if you can't get a nice shot with the Fun Saver, switching to a D4S isn't going to help.