I need a little help from my friends.

When was the last time you took inventory of the good and bad things in your life?  I just got off the phone with the Oregon Department of Veterans affairs.  They hold the mortgage on my condo.  In 2006 I bought this place for $205,000, and as of now there is an offer on the table to sell it for $140,000.  "Would you be able to come up with the $19,000 difference between the offer and what you owe?"  I didn't even answer that one directly, I asked her if she thought that if I had $19,000 would I give it to them to sell the house or if I would just use that money to pay the much smaller delinquent balance on my mortgage, and by the way the paperwork I filled out for the short sale agent that said I was receiving income from unemployment was filled out exactly one day before the letter came saying my unemployment had run out.   I guess it would be easy to come up with a long list of all the bad in my life.

But I'm not going to do that.  I just want to concentrate on the good, and would you like to know why?  Six months ago I decided I was going for broke chasing my dreams.  My amazing friends and family have been nothing less than completely supportive.  Whether it was telling their friends who were looking for pictures about me or hiring me themselves, almost all of the work I have had came from them.  Even if I wasn't doing paid work I could always count on my friends and family to be my guinea pigs as I practiced the latest thing I had learned or wanted to try.  When we would hang out they were always quick to by me a beer, throw me a smile and say wholeheartedly "I'm happy for you."  No matter how much garbage you stack on the "life sucks" side of the page it will never add up to the fact that I'm happier now on the verge of failure as a photographer than I ever was on the verge of success as a salesman.  And through the good and the bad I've had some of the best people in the world to lean on.

And now I'm going to lean a little harder.  Just like I told the ODVA I am no longer receiving unemployment.  If I want a dollar I have to earn a dollar.  Good ole Craigslist is full of opportunities for "amateur or student photographer" where I can get "amazing exposure"... I called the grocery store, it appears they no longer accept photo credit or exposure as a form of payment.  I need to work.  Here is what I can do.

Portrait Photography.  Nothing I like better than making a beautiful, powerful, dramatic portrait of a person.  Get a great picture of yourself for your personal use or for help marketing your business.  No matter how "un-photogenic" you think you are I believe I can show you at your best.

Editorial Photography.  My dream is to have people hire me to tell stories with pictures.

That's my true dream, to do portrait and editorial work.  Another dream of mine is to not starve to death or end up on the streets, so I'm willing and able to take on any photographic challenge. Here's what else I can do.

Product Photography.  Big or small if you have something you want to sell I can make a picture that will help someone else want to buy it.

Music Photography.  Use images to create interest in your music.  A strong, professional, high quality image will help build interest in your music.  Get people to want to know more about your band or solo project.  Don't be the CD that never even gets played. 

Pet Photography.  Who doesn't love animals?  They give us every bit of love they have and then they're gone way too soon.

Event Photography.  Corporate or Family, let's put the good times into a lasting record.

Wedding Photography.  My friend asked me "Do you do weddings?"  I was super flattered, I thought she was proposing to me.  I've done them before, and my clients loved the work.  That was years ago with film and I'm way better now!

Family Photography.  You have a family, right?

Senior Portraits.  How in the world did your kid grow up that fast?

Child Portraits.  Just like seniors, but right before you blink and they grow up!

Group Photos.  How many you got?  I can do that.

Fine art print sales.  Get a beautiful piece of wall art for your home or office.  Landscapes, city scapes, any photo I've ever taken (yes, even that nude selfie) is available to buy as a print.

Photographic Assistant.  I know an awful lot about photography, but that is a small amount of what I need to know to be great.  While I learn how it is you are the successful photographer I aspire to be I can be a hard worker for you on your photographic projects.  I'm a Marine, I follow orders and I work hard.

If you need any of those things, or anything else you can think of, then drop me a line.  If you know of someone who could use any of those things, or who might know someone else who needs one of those things, then please share this with them.  I threw my rock in the pond a few months ago, and the ripples have only gone so far, with your help we can make a big splash!