This too shall pass.

There's a great old saying, "This too shall pass."  I thought it was maybe buddhist,  but good old Wikipedia told me it has many different origins attributed to it.  The gist of the old folk saying is that no matter how good or bad life is, or how happy or sad you are, that these are temporary conditions and will end like every other bit of good or bad fortune you've ever had before.  The message is to not get overly excited or worried about your current conditions, because whatever that condition is "This too shall pass."

I got to put that thought to the test this last week.  I had a chance to head to the coast with some amazing friends last Friday.  My friend Jake is very creative, and wanted to have some fun, so he put out the call on Facebook "Who's up for doing some filming this weekend? I got this thing in my brain, and it's drivin' me bonkers!"  What did he have in his head?  Hold on, I'll get to that.

Lately my favorite element to have in a photo is an interesting sky.  What makes an interesting sky?  When we plan our outdoor activities we're always looking for one particular sign that it might be an awesome day, "not a cloud in the sky".  A perfectly clear blue sky is great for a day of enjoying the outdoors, but it looks dull in a picture.  Plus a blue sky ends up being way brighter than everything else in a photo, usually to the point that if everything else in the photo isn't dark the sky ends up looking almost white.  So, how about overcast?  Days when the clouds evenly cover the entire sky are great for photography, aren't they?  The normally harsh sunlight gets softened and diffused by the clouds, and the light is a little less intense so it is easier to use a small flash to alter the mood and direction of the light for a portrait.  So overcast might provide great light, but it doesn't help make interesting skies, the skies end up a blanket of featureless grey.  For me the perfect sky lately is partly cloudy where the blue sky and the grey clouds interact with interesting sunlight to make brilliantly detailed skies. 

But what in the world does this have to do with "this too shall pass"?  Hey, relax, if my never getting to the point bothers you, just remember as you read my ramblings "this too shall pass."  But seriously, if you've ever been to the Oregon Coast you wouldn't be surprised to learn that it rained every single one of the 5 days we were there, and even if it wasn't raining most of the day was usually a grey blanket.  But this too passed, and every so often we were rewarded with amazing light shows between the sky the clouds and the sea.  If you're ever anywhere and you see that amazing light play grab a camera fast, because that magic moment of light will end in a heartbeat as the wind blows your favorite clouds away and new not good clouds arrive in their places.  So I guess the lesson is if you stay in one place long enough it will give you a great opportunity to photograph it, but never take that opportunity for granted because good or bad, this too shall pass.

So, what did Jake want to film?  It's not really important for this story, I only bring it up to give context to why we headed to the coast.  But it was fun and turned out pretty good, and I can't wait to tell you about it soon.