Making memories worth saving.

Kane posing for his senior portraits.  Portland, Oregon.

My mom Vicky in her senior portrait.

I was sitting with my mother and talking this morning, which is something I don't do nearly often enough, especially if you ask her!  We got on the subject of senior portraits.  My friend Jessica had just stumbled across my mother's senior portrait on a website.  My mom came from a huge family that lived on and worked a small farm, so money was of course tight.  The one picture that was most important to the kids, and the only one they could afford to get, was the senior portrait.  It was a celebration of their upcoming graduation, and would live on long after they had left the house on top of the piano with the other brothers and sisters (14 kids altogether!).  To this day her senior portrait is how I imagine my mother in her youth.

It's actually a lovely shot of my mother.  It's a little dated.  In my youth it's obvious 60's style made it look silly to me, but today it gives the shot a wonderful quality that lets you imagine the time from which it came.  Plus thanks to hipsters it could have been taken this morning, horned rimmed glasses and all!  But mostly it has the magical quality of capturing her youth and beauty in a way that shows all of the hopefulness for an amazing future.  Looking back her future hasn't turned out that bad for her.  Not without it's trials and tribulations (can you imagine how difficult it must have been to raise me?), my mother has still lived a full and interesting life.

Senior photos, Class of 2015.

With all the hope and promise that senior portraits represent, it's no wonder they are some of my favorite photographs to make.  I love getting to know the kids, finding out what they want their future to hold.  Finding out a bit about their lives up to this point.  Seeing them as young adults, yet still noticing that they have one foot stuck in silly kiddome  with the inevitable hole in the jeans and inability to recognize the value of a pressed shirt.  Well, at least boys anyway, the girls will still have the hole in the jeans but tend to look like they know how to avoid a wrinkled shirt at least.

Max poses for senior portraits.  Portland Oregon.

So I love taking the pictures.  I love capturing the classic style of a senior shot, and then I love sneaking in one or two shots that are very dramatic!  The softly lit flattering shot in the wooded background will always have a place, but there is still room for that dramatically lit shot with the rock and roll attitude!  But, then again, the rock and roll attitude actually belongs to my parents generation, so maybe it's classic too!

Senior Portraits by Nathan Sanborn Photo.

Speaking of parents, this brings me to my other favorite part of photography.  I love sitting at the table while the senior's mom sees the photos that her son or daughter and I created for the first time!  It truly brings me a ton of joy to watch them make stacks of their favorites, to see them spread all of the prints across the table, to see them go back and forth trying to come up with the one they like most and having too many great shots to choose from!  It's a little selfish of me to have you wait so long to see all of the pictures, but I only do it to share the joy of the moment with you!

Mom, Grandma, and the rest of the family falling in love with the senior portraits.

If you or someone you know has a senior this year, it would be my honor to make memories worth saving with for you!  Give me a call, you'll love what we create.