Riding Dirty.

Jim Gustavson airing it out during a motocross race at Washougal MX Park.

JIm and Mason Gustavson, a proud father son MX team at Washougal MX Park.

There is a way to photograph motocross.  When you consider how quickly the racers can get around the track, and how few laps a racer will do in a day, the only smart way to capture an event is to camp out all day at one location and shoot everybody as they go by.  I didn't do that.

I've known Jim Gustavson longer than almost anybody else in this world.  We grew up in the same neighborhood, and our older siblings were the same age, so he's just somebody that I've always known.  When Jim contacted me to book me to shoot him and his son competing in the last race of the year at Washougal MX Park I couldn't be more excited.

Jim wanted some behind the scenes shots of his crew hanging out in the pits, and he wanted some action shots as well.  Getting shots behind the scenes was easy, just hang out and look for interesting and different ways to see what was happening.  The action shots?

Jim Gustavson chasing down the competition and hitting the triple at Washougal MX Park.

If I were trying to get pictures to sell to racers, I would have stayed at one place and tried to take the same cool shot of everybody that went by.  But I wanted lots of different action shots of only two different racers.  To do that I had to move around the track.  I only had 11 laps for Jim, and another 11 laps for his son Mason, and they weren't in a row.  It was 3 laps practice, and 2 different 4 lap motos each.  They were on dirt bikes going full throttle, and I was on foot running my fat ass up and down hills!

Mason Gustavson unwinding after a day of racing.

In the end I'm proud of what I got, and I look forward to the chance to do it again.  Maybe next time I'll do some more cardio leading up to the event!