Players gonna play!

I really don't care about your opinion.  There, I said it.  I may find your opinion interesting, I may even agree wholeheartedly with you, I probably have a lot more respect for you having this opinion that you think, but I really don't care about your opinion.  I appreciate that this is a stupid thing to say on a blog that is almost entirely my opinion that I hope you read and enjoy, but if you'll indulge my hypocrisy for just a minute I might give you an opinion that you can find interesting and still not care about.

The internet ruined barguments.  You used to be able to have a discussion and if a disagreement of facts came up the person who could get the most idiots to agree with him was correct.  Now in the time of smart phones and the internets we have vast amounts of information instantly accessible at our fingertips and we can figure out that the Eiffel Tower is actually 1063 feet /324 meters tall, eliminating the validity of my "No Stupid, it's only 700 feet! I've been to France!" claim.

What we've done now to replace the old bargument, is move the whole thing online.  We don't really debate facts anymore, we argue conclusions.  Luckily this gave new usefulness to the idiots who agree with us.  Now the idiots simply select the most convenient facts that support their conclusion and ignore every other fact available that may be less useful to their cause.  As we seem to narrow mindedly accuse the other side of being narrow minded, we spend an awful lot of time getting the people who already agree with us to tell us how right we are while we tell them how right they are.  It's us against them, and you're either with us or against us.  I would love to give specific examples, there are a ton of them in the news right now, but the fact is I don't care.

"I don't care."  That's a little bit more complicated than it seems.  I really do care, about a lot of things, but mostly about a lot of people.  But when you use the phrase "I don't care" in response to a question or in reply to what someone believes they may not understand what it is you don't care about.  When my former wife and I were planning our wedding she would often ask me what I thought about a detail like silverware or flowers and I would answer "I don't care."  She almost entirely took that to mean "I don't care... about you."  I finally had to modify the statement to "It's not that I don't care, but I don't care."  I care about you very much, but I couldn't give less of a shit about what color napkins we use.  So to clarify my initial statement, I care an awful lot about you, and you're welcome to your opinion, and you can feel free to share it with me, but I might not give a rats ass.

Now, to make it more complicated, I don't care about your opinion, but sometimes it's awesome!  There is one place where I get to see your opinion and whether or not I care about it should make no difference to you.  On my facebook business page you get a chance to rate my business, and your opinion is there for posterity.   Currently I have a 4.7 out of 5 star rating with 30 people chiming in.  I don't think I've had 30 customers yet.  23 people gave me a 5 star rating.  Again, I don't think I've even had 23 customers yet.  

Here's where the not caring has to come in.  If I haven't probably had the chance to provide service to you, you may not know first hand if I'm really providing 5 star service.  I think a lot of these ratings may just be my friends saying they like me enough to support what I'm doing.  Maybe it's people simply saying they like the work I've put up.  Maybe it's people who hate what I do and give me a 5 star for the pure hipster irony.  I'm very glad that I've been able to please the customers I've had, and equally pleased that you like my work, and thank you for your opinion, but I don't care.  If you think I'm running a 5 star operation, that's nice, but it isn't as important to me as running an actual 5 star operation putting out a 5 star product.  I wouldn't give myself 5 stars yet.  I want to truly be 5 star, and I will be soon, and I'll fake it till I make it, but I have a long way to go to be 5 star.

So rating wise everybody else gave me a reasonable 4, except for my favorite person in the world, they gave me 1 star.  If you put names to the numbers it would start at Excellent for 5 and progress downward to Above Average, Average, Below Average, and finally you would land on the name of my 1 star rating as Unsatisfactory.  In the Marines they shortened this word to "unsat".  I can theorise that my 1 unsat rating was one of my paying customers that was very disappointed with my product.  I don't think this was the case because I've had great experiences with my customers.  It may have been someone who contacted me and found me to be what they considered overpriced, that one is a bit more possible.  I don't want it to be someone who was interested in doing business with me and found me to be difficult to either reach or get reply from, although this is possible.  Again, I don't think this was the case.  If it were the case I would be very disappointed with myself as my experience in sales has shown me the value of being easy to reach and prompt to reply.

Maybe my 1 star rating is... could it be... a hater?  OH YES!  PLEASE LET ME HAVE A HATER!  You see,I haven't had a pure hater yet.  Haters are everywhere and they hate on everything.  Their opinions are worthless and are not usually that well thought out, mostly of the "YOU SUCK!" or "Your work is stupid, why don't you just die!" variety.  But even though an opinion of a hater is worthless, their existence is vital and can be used as a barometer.  I want it to be a hater.  If it were actually a disappointed customer that would mean that I let someone down, and that would be bad.  Plus that would mean I don't have a hater, and that would be bad.  Haters are going to hate me, but only if they know I exist.  If you're someone in a creative field haters will hate what you do, if they don't you need to keep at it.  The good news is that once the haters can find you, so can the people who value what you do.  So, although I do find your basic internet troll to be an annoying DB, they also serve to signal your arrival to a broader market.

So thank you for your opinion.  If you tell me I'm the best or the worst, please understand why I'm not putting too much weight to your opinion, unless you're my mom, she thinks I'm the smartest sweetest most handsome boy that ever was, and how could she be wrong?  But honestly, if you ever feel as though you've not gotten the service from me that you deserve, please bring it to my attention.  I treat my customers the way I would like to be treated.  Personally I'm easy to please, just give me exactly what I want, and you'll know what I want because I'll let you know.  I can't promise that I can always give you everything you want exactly as you want it, but I will promise to treat every question or concern you have as important and to strive to find a resolution that is fair and leaves you feeling as though you're a valued client of mine.

Until then, haters gonna hate, players gonna play!