Would you like to sell a car?

Man, I've done sales for a long time.  Over 14 years in the sales profession.  You start to learn as you develop into a sales professional that sales is not about convincing someone to buy your product through pressure, but it's much more about developing a true understanding of your customers wants and needs and offering a range of solutions to their unique problems.  But what does that have have to do with photography?

Photography can be a helpful tool in the sales process.  You can use a photo to provide a description, it can show features of a product, condition of used items, it can really give a lot of information.  But photography done right is more than just a visual version of a spec sheet.  Photography is about marketing, not sales.  A picture is worth a thousand words, and no matter how many cubic feet of trunk space the photo tells you about, if one of those thousand words is not "desired" you failed.

Marketing isn't about giving features and benefits, it's about creating a feeling worth desiring.  The single most famous commercial of all time has to be the Apple 1984 ad that only ran once.  It told you nothing about their computers, all it told you was that they were different, breaking the mold, and you wanted in.  You didn't want to be one of the grey masses, you wanted to be Nike, breaking the mold, crushing the norm.  How many different rinse cycle options did that dishwasher that was advertised for months on end that same year have?

I'm sure you have questions.  I can answer them for you, but I'm not going to do it here.  You have a complex problem and their is no way I can solve it until I understand it better.  But if I did my job right you want to know more.  You want to know how using beautiful and dramatic images will bring customers that want what you have through your door.  Do you want to know more?