You know, life really is Too $hort.

I don't often get feedback about my blog, just the occasional "I like it" or "you're a pretty good writer", but my last post got me the most feedback of all.  Everybody was in agreement, "I couldn't finish it" or "pretty funny, but unreadable."

To double check the thoughts of my critics, I gave the post another read last night.  I can say, it's way too long, or way too boring, or a little of both.  I think I got a little too full of myself and began to ramble and bloviate.

So, apologies.  I'll work to be both more interesting and more to the point from here on out.  I know better, I failed junior english twice in high school because each time we had to read My Antonia.  It was an incredibly thick and dull book, and I even now just gave up reading the plot summary out of boredom. 

So look forward to shorter (or at least more to the point) posts in the future.  Thank you for your time.