Standing watch.

Jake Weber scanning the horizon.

Sometimes with a camera I'm just having fun.  This was the case when the subject of my friend Jake's new suit came up.  Jake has one of those senses of humor that borders on insanity that I love most, so I couldn't wait to have him dress up and see what happens.  Usually it's some kind of magic, and often it results in a picture that makes me laugh over and over again.  We set up a small light through a big umbrella and just let Jake's character shine.  Another friend Anna chimed in that she had on matching lingerie, and all of the sudden we have gold.  My only weak point on this was attention to detail, and I didn't notice how wrinkled Jake's new suit was until I was looking at the pictures at home later.  Some people are more observant than me.  Take the example of Jake Weber.

Having fun with Jake's new suit and Anna's new undies.

Jake was hanging out at home in his apartment when he noticed flashing lights outside.  Upon further inspection, he was able to observe his neighbors Jake (same name, different Jake), Anna, and Stephanie involved in a photo shoot with me on the front lawn of the Carolyn Court Apartments.  This works out well for all of us, because Jake needed headshots to print on his business cards.  The next night we were up at Rocky Butte taking his headshots.

Jake is in the business of observation, and flight.  Recently retired from the Oregon National Guard as a Blackhawk helicopter pilot, Jake is now in the business of Unmanned Aircraft Systems (drones).  Now, I'm as disappointed as the next guy about the state of our big brother world, but if you draw the line between right and wrong uses of surveillance technology these guys are way on the side of right.  They work with everybody from fire fighters to realtors to allow better gathering of information.  They don't work with the NSA.  I hope.  If they did, it would probably be a secret.  Also I'd have to edit that part about being good guys! 

Anyway, you should check out their work here at: