Why would you hire me? And what for?

Joe Sib, rock star, record label owner, host of Complete Control Radio, stand up comedian, and seriously one of the nicest guys you'll ever meet.

Great question, blog post title!  Why would you hire me?  I'll give you a minute to think about that one.  What did you come up with?  Good answer, now that you know just call or email me and we'll set up an appointment!

I guess I could also try to come up with an answer for all of us, but I really do like your answer and wish you would call... Kind of lonely here... Just saying. 

Another way to ask that question is what is a professional and what can they  do for you?  This doesn't just come up with photographers, but in every occupation where sometimes the work can be done to some extent by almost anyone.  We all have cameras and can make pictures with them.  Then again, our friend Jody Boy has a real nice camera that takes good pictures.  "You want to charge me what?  No thanks, I'm fine with Jody Boy, he'll do it for free."

Why would anybody pay for something they can get for free or do themselves for less?  I, on the other hand, after years of DIY struggles finally found the value.  Let's use my motorcycles as an example.  I have 2.  One of them has never been wrenched on by anybody other than me, and it's currently broken down in my garage.  The other just got back from the dealership from a minor repair.

The broken one, I'll still probably fix myself.  I'll need to wait until I have enough time to completely tear the engine apart, and even then I'll need to find specialty tools or take certain parts in to a shop that does have the tools to get some of the work done.  Once I've got it put back together, no telling how good of a job I'll have done. 

The other bike had all of the signal lights go out.  I decided to just have a pro fix it.  It only took a day (actually 1 hour) for someone with knowledge and experience to diagnose and repair.  In the end it was a corroded wire and bad electrical relay.  I'm doing the math in my head trying to figure out how long it would have taken me to find out what was wrong with it.  It would probably be parked as long as the broken one has, or I would have wasted a ton of time and headaches just to take it to the shop anyway. 

So a professional is someone you can count on to get the job done.  I wouldn't accept the same excuses as to why the motorcycle mechanic couldn't figure out my turn signal problem that I would be giving you if I did it myself.

A professional is also someone that you expect to deliver quality every time.  When you have dinner at a friends house and the food sucks, you politely do your best to enjoy it because, after all, they went to all that effort for you.  At a restaurant, that medium rare steak that the cook blackened to the core gets sent back.  For $25 I expect the steak to be just like I asked for, or I would have just made one myself for $6.  Or had one of those hockey pucks Jody Boy cooks for free.

Don't even get me started on home made wine!  Prohibition is over people!  You could spend an afternoon in your kitchen making Chateaux Gym Sock, wait a few months or more, and be drinking potential blindness, or you could go to the store right now and buy an amazing wine for a reasonable price.  I literally had this conversation this weekend! 

And if you're a business and you want Jody Boy in accounts to save you a little money you need to ask yourself, "What is my image worth?  Do I want my customers to see the face of my company and be unimpressed?  By saving a few dollars, what have I cost myself in the eyes of my customers?"  Nobody wants to spend top dollar with the guy who's iPhone selfie represents his business. 

So again, why hire me?  Seriously, I thought you had an good answer at the start of this blog post, why are we just going around in circles with this?  You would hire me because you expect me to be able to come up with quality images quickly that you can be proud of.

I know I can do this when the heat is on.  I had the pleasure of shooting the Bridgetown Comedy Festival earlier this year for The Superslice.  Along with the regular festival, we had the chance to interview and photograph rock star, comedian, record label owner, radio host, and all around awesome guy Joe Sib.  I took pictures of the interview with The Superslice editor Tony Trinh and Joe, and then had a chance to shoot a portrait.  I had maybe 5 minutes and shot two set ups.  We were right there in the lobby of Hotel 50 in Portland, and I was able to make it happen.  Did I do a good job?  One of my shots has been used by Joe to accompany articles in the Orange County Register and the San Jose Mercury about his comedy, so I think I did good.

But still, what would you hire me for?  Again, I'll wait for your answer and phone call.  If you need some ideas, you could hire me for your family portrait, for your facebook or dating site profile pic (image is everything, not just in business but in the business of love too), your children's senior portraits, engagement photo's, and I'll even shoot weddings.  I'll also gladly shoot whatever it is you came up with and were about to call me for. 

If you're a business you could hire me to shoot portraits for your annual report, photo's of that awesome new product you're about to launch, shots of your business and employees for your website, and even pro government and anti government propaganda. 

Also, if you're an art director or photo editor, for whatever you want!