The year, but not really in review.

Man, what a ride!  2013 has been one of the most interesting years of my life.  This was the year that I decided to stop meandering through life and actually go out and chase my dreams.  5 months into my dream chase I feel more like I'm wandering through the woods looking for tracks of my dreams so I know which direction to run after them.  Unlike Bigfoot, there is actually proof that the rewarding career of professional photographer exists, but it can be nearly as elusive to actually discover.  Speaking of Sasquatch, there are two well known legends here in the Pacific Northwest, Sasquatch and D. B. Cooper, and have you noticed how they are both equally adept at disappearing?  And have you ever seen them both in the same location?  Is it possible that Sasquatch is D. B. Cooper?

Oh well, not to worry about my dreams, I'm still chasing them.  As I've spent a lot of time with the family lately for the holidays, I've had a lot of "how is it going?" conversations, and the one thing I can say and truly believe is that I'm happier where I am right now on the verge of failure than I ever was on the verge of success when I was doing construction equipment sales.

Since hanging my sign on the door (more like hanging my website on the internet) I've had a few amazing customers.  I feel I was deserving of the title professional because I was always able to make the pictures happen, and I typically did a pretty damned good job.  Not to say I have taken the greatest pictures, but I do quality work and I can repeat it on demand.  However, my goal is to be a lot better than I am now, and I'm willing to put in the work to get there.

So I guess I should be doing a "year in review", but I kinda don't really want to.  Since I started my photo business I've been blogging, so a lot of the year has already been talked about.  One thing I didn't mention much was my New Years resolution I made last year.  I actually remember my resolution for once.  It was simple, "Enjoy the moment."  This is important when things are going good, but also important when things are going bad.  So this moment I'm currently enjoying finds me not wanting to look back but to instead look forward.  I'm only probably a month away from no longer being able to afford the payments on my truck, the only reason I bought it was for work that I'm no longer doing.  This sounds shitty, but in an effort to enjoy the moment, when I can no longer afford it it will be sold, and the money I get for it will turn into the biggest adventure yet, a grand photo safari to parts unknown!

If you'd like to look back, I have 25 other blog posts up here already, check them out.  A good start would right where it all started... here: