People do business with people.

Sue Horton, Realtor with RE/MAX Equity Group in Hillsboro, Or. 

I learned this lesson from a good friend.  It was one of the first truisms I learned about business, and when I learned it, my good friend Mike Brice was not my friend, he was my boss.  "People do business with people first, and with companies second."

Another way to look at it, to steal a quote from a sales seminar by Jeffrey Gittomer,  "All things being equal, people would prefer to do business with friends.  All things being UNEQUAL, people would prefer to do business with friends."

In today's world, your virtual image is more and more important.  Gone are the days when you could get clients with a small text ad in the yellow pages.  Marketing has become digital.  Now you supplement mailers with a Facebook business page, a Linkedin profile, and at some point you may put your face front and center.  When you do put your face front and center, make sure you're telling your customer the message you want them to receive.

A picture is worth a thousand words, in a good business portrait the important words your picture should say are Trustworthy, Friendly, Confident, Approachable, Helpful, Knowledgeable, Professional, Attractive, Like-able, Trustworthy again, Competent, Unique, and 988 other various words that should show you as the type of person other people would chose to do business with.

If you're interested in getting a portrait to help you in your business marketing effort, I'd love to help.  Without even leaving your office and in less time than it would take to drive back and forth from a portrait studio that will take your picture in front of the same background that you've sat in front of since elementary school, we can create unique images.  Somewhere in your office is the perfect background, somewhere just outside of your office is a great natural backdrop, and once you're outside of the studio we can photograph you in an environment showing your customers a bit of what you do.  Posed in a way to have you looking your best.  No "say cheeze!", but carefully working together to capture a natural moment that says the best 1000 words we can tell your customer.

Your image is worth it.  Give me a call!