It's not big, but it photographs well.

In order to succeed in business you need to be profitable.  This simply means you need to have more money coming in then you have going out.  I'm working on getting more money to come in, but just as importantly I'm reducing the money going out. 

The real estate market over the last few years has not been kind to me.  I bought my condo in 2006, putting down all of the money I had from the sale of my house after my divorce and then some.  Conventional wisdom at the time was as long as you were going to stay in the same place for at least 5 years you were going to make money.  The first year of ownership I joyfully watched the price of my condo skyrocket... Then the bubble burst.  It wasn't a big deal at the time, because I wasn't looking to sell.  Today I am looking to sell, and my place is still worth less than I owe. 

Oh well.  Shit happens.  Although I really like my place, I'm willing to lose it in exchange for the freedom that not having to make a big mortgage payment every month provides.  If I can get my expenses low enough, I can make a living much easier until I find success.

So by the end of this week my awesome condo will be listed and on the market.  My Realtor offered to take pictures to go along with the listing, but two things.... Thing 1) I'm a photographer, I like taking pictures.  Thing 2)  i don't know if she realized how small my condo really is.  

The difficulty of photographing a small space is that it's impossible to get far enough back to really see what the place looks like.  Even with the tons of photographic equipment I have it couldn't be done well.  But there is hope.  If I could get my hands on an ultra wide angle lens I could get good pictures.  Now, an ultra wide angle lens isn't cheap.  A look at B&H photo's web site at Nikon lenses for APS-C cameras shows the lens I needed as second from the top when you arrange search results by price, highest to lowest.  There is no way I'm going to buy an $1100 lens when I hardly ever need to use it.  Remember the part about keeping overhead low?  But my former career wasn't just as a salesman, it was in the rental industry.  So I have known the value of rental for years. 

A quick trip to Pro Photo Supply in NW Portland and for $25 I had my hands on a Nikon 12-24 f4 DX.  A super wide angle lens. 

With the ultra wide angle, I was able to give the illusion that my condo is of adequate size.  And it is.  At 700 square feet it's more than enough for me.  In fact, there's probably 150 square feet I never use.  I'm going to miss the place.  It was built in the 20's, has 2 sets of french doors leading into the bedroom, it has an icebox, lots of built in storage, and it's classy.  It really is where the mediocre Gatsby would have lived.  Add into all of that that it's in the heart of inner southeast Portland and you have a great place.  Hopefully it doesn't sell too quickly, even though I want to sell it, I really don't want to leave.